7 Reasons That Make Google Reviews So Powerful for Local Businesses

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Google review is a powerful strategy for a local business. Statistics on online reviews show that 95% of customers read reviews before making a purchase. If you don’t have positive google reviews you never increase your conversions. Because positive reviews always grow your brand credibility. So it must be needed for every local business owner.

We will show the 7 valid reasons that make Google reviews so powerful for local businesses

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1. Reliability and early impressions

We found out from the above discussion that 95% of people after reading reviews decide whether they will buy the product or not. People won’t trust you until they get to know you better. If the customer can’t trust you, they will never buy the product. So you need to earn positive reviews to gain customer trust.

If you have enough good reviews on your website the chances will be enhanced to get trustworthiness to your customers from the first impression. So it is very important for a new or an old business.

2. Increase Brand Recognition

If you don’t have enough money to promote your business then you need positive Google reviews. It will help your business ranking and your brand will occupy the number one position locally. Repeated exposure of people to your brand will increase their trust in your company as well as brand awareness. 

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3. Enhance transparency

Google reviews tell the clients whether your services are transparent or not. If you want to grow your business or move forward, then your business must be honest and transparent. Otherwise, you will be a failure as a business owner and you can’t hold onto the business. So google reviews are very important for enhancing brand transparency.

You will demonstrate transparency in your company by showing your company’s positive and negative reviews to consumers. By observing the positive and negative reviews of your previous customers, they can decide whether your business is good or bad.

4. Excellent reviews might boost your organic rankings

Excellent reviews might boost your organic rankings. When you have a lot of excellent reviews on your Google My Business profile, the engagement on your website will be high and the traffic will increase day by day Google always gives priority to traffic engagement, and when Google’s bot sees that your website has more traffic engagement, Google will automatically boost your business’s ranking.

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5. Boost ROI and conversions Rate

Several companies have conducted studies to measure the impact of their customer reviews on their conversion rate :

Since Castorama uses its customer reviews on its website, we find from their survey that:

14.9% of orders from the site are from interaction with ratings and reviews.

The volume of these orders represents 19% of online sales.

The Figleaves brand has also improved its conversion rate thanks to its customer reviews :

Products with more than 20 reviews have an 83.85% higher conversion rate than products with no reviews,

More generally, their most reviewed products are the ones that sell the best and have the best conversion rate.

Highlighting your customer reviews is a very effective way to reassure your customers throughout the conversion funnel. To maximize their impact, consider using a trusted third-party platform that will make them all the more reliable!

6. Direct phone calls from Google Local Listings will Increase

We have researched and found that our clients are currently making more calls directly through the Google My Business profile. Because people get it as a very easy way to make calls through Google My Business. We, as business owners are currently getting more calls from Google My Business than business websites.

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7. You Will lose business, If your competitors have better reviews

Google My Business Reviews are very important because if you don’t have enough positive reviews on your profile, customers won’t purchase their desired products from you. They will see if previous consumers have benefited from your products and services then they can make a proper decision to purchase a product or service. The bottom line is if your profile has good reviews from your competitors and if the amount of reviews is high then you can boost your business otherwise you will be a loser.

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